The word 'UniHood' is the combination of the words 'university' and 'neighborhood', which means that we are committed to creating a living environment integrating university life and neighborhood communities for overseas students.

UniHood is a one-stop overseas accommodation service booking platform, which is dedicated to building a bridge between overseas students and local landlords/agencies. UniHood provides adaptive and customized services based on the requirements of both the student and the landlord. It helps the overseas students to find a satisfactory home, also it helps the local landlord/agencies to get access to the vast overseas student market and relieves their concerns about the overseas students' ability to pay rent and maintain their estate on the other hand.

UniHood offers a platform for local flat renting and various life services booking for overseas students. Overseas students can get a wealth of property renting information on its platform, finding a desirable home with ease. The property selection will include the whole property renting, room renting as well as commercial student accommodation renting.

Except the accommodation booking, UniHood also offers a one-stop life style service booking service for overseas students. The daily life style service includes airport picking up services, bill management services, cleaning services, moving services, luggage storage services. The premium life style booking service includes the dental service, beauty service as well as the property investment consulting service.

Since its establishment in 2013, Unihood has served more than 2000 international students in central London. The clients' number is doubled every year due to its reliable service.

Feel at home whilst studying abroad

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